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We are proud to announce today the launch of the first cloud platform to create scalable web apps and collaborate directly in your browser. Codesphere offers a powerful solution by combining:

  • code editor
  • git-ops and
  • cloud services

Until today, it has been hard for developers to…

In this tutorial, we are going to build a basic Twitch Chat Game that reads Twitch comments and uses them to allow a player to interact with the web app. …

If you told the most advanced computer scientists just a few decades ago that we had people streaming high-definition video and audio from personal computers and phones across the world, they’d be dumbfounded. …

The answer may not be as clear as you think…

There are few debates as contentious in the development and UX world as color schemes. Among developers, however, there seems to be a pretty significant skew towards coding in a light on dark mode (This poll found that ⅔ of surveyed developers prefer to use a dark mode in their code editor).

In this article, I’m going to show you how to publish your first NPM package in minutes.

Now the package we’re going to create today is pretty useless, but the process we use is going to be applicable for almost every NPM package that you’re going to want to publish. In our example today we are going to create two functions, one that takes the nth root of a number, and one that tells us whether a number is even.

Make an NPM Account and Login

To get started, create an NPM account if you haven’t already done so at and make sure to verify your email address. …

A couple of months ago we covered Deno, a new JavaScript runtime that is attempting to dethrone Node.js as the de facto runtime for executing JavaScript.

Ironically, Deno is being developed by Ryan Dahl, the same developer who made Node.js back in 2009.

Here’s that article if you’re looking to learn more about our take on Deno:

While Deno has a lot to offer, such as built-in TypeScript support and a simpler dependency system, the biggest hurdle to its adoption is the plethora of dev tools and frameworks that are dependent on Node.js. …

The latest Codesphere updates!

What’s New?


  • App Monitoring
  • Code Search

We’re also happy to announce that you can now find a search bar above your file tree, which gives you the ability to search through your codebase.

In addition, we’ve improved Python support as we understand that more and more developers are building their web apps in python-based frameworks like Django and Flask.

To get a better…

Regardless of how innovative your idea may be, building and managing a cohesive tech team for your startup lays down the stepping stone to success.

In fact, 23% of failed startups name a poorly constituted team as the main reason why they did not take off.

D3 is a lot more than just a graphing library, it’s a toolset for efficiently editing the DOM and creating visualizations based on data.

If all you want is to quickly insert a generic bar graph into your app, then D3 is probably not for you, but if you want the ability to customize your visualizations from the ground up, then D3 is the industry standard.

In this tutorial, we are going to create three different simple visualizations with D3 in React.

Now while these things can be done without D3 and aren’t particularly flashy, they highlight some of the…

The ability to manipulate data in an easy and readable way has made Python a staple of the data science community. Nevertheless, Python has become an increasingly popular language among web developers who want to build data-centered applications on the web.

One popular Python tool for this purpose is Bokeh, a Python library for building interactive data visualizations for the web.

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to create a Bokeh server with various charts. While we’ll be doing this in Codesphere, a browser-based IDE with easy deployment features, this tutorial is applicable to any IDE.

You can learn more about Codesphere here:

Getting Started

To start off, in an empty directory create a virtual environment with:

pipenv shell

Once that process is complete, in your virtual environment install Bokeh with:

pipenv install bokeh

Finally, we’re going to create…


NO CONFIG — just code, run and scale web apps in your browser. #justcode

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