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We are proud to announce today the launch of the first cloud platform to create scalable web apps and collaborate directly in your browser. Codesphere offers a powerful solution by combining:

  • code editor
  • git-ops and
  • cloud services

Until today, it has been hard for developers to…

By default, Codesphere deploys to a generic Codesphere subdomain based on your app ID and port. If you’re looking to use your app for production, however, you’re most likely going to want to add your own domain.

While this can be done with any domain registrar, we will show you how to connect your domain from GoDaddy in this tutorial.

Let’s get started

To get started, open up your app in the Codesphere IDE. We are then going to select the infrastructure tab in our app…


Before we can set up the environment for the web framework we want to use, we need to create the app in Codesphere. Luckily, doing so is incredibly easy!

Simply navigate the “My Apps” page, press the “New App” button, and select Empty. …

A mathematical topic that has always fascinated me is Chaos Theory. At a foundational level, Chaos Theory states that even the most random of systems have underlying laws and patterns that can create ordered outcomes. In other words, order can be born out of chaos.

A fun game that gives a sneak peek into Chaos Theory is what is often known as the Chaos Game. In this article, I will be explaining how the Chaos Game is played and showing you how you can simulate it fairly easily in Javascript with p5.js and Codesphere.

To get a sneak peek of…

What’s New?


  • Added Python support
  • Ability to create an app from a GitHub URL
  • Added FAQ page

You can now also find a brand new FAQ page on our website with answers to any questions you may have.


Codespaces is an online code editor powered by VSCode specifically designed for Github. With the click of a button directly in your GitHub repository, it starts a remote VM, downloads the code, and lets users edit it with a special version of VSCode, which can be used from the browser.

This is really useful for making quick changes in some repo…

We’ve all probably seen the face detection box that pops up around people’s faces when you go to take a photo on your mobile camera. If you’ve ever wondered how our phones detect human faces, then this article is for you! We are going to be building a web app that recreates just that — an app able to recognize any human face in any image.

What is a facial recognition and how does it work?

To start off, a facial recognition system is a technology that is able to match a human face from a digital image by using…

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine development without using git. That’s why in today’s article we’ll show you how to use Github in Codesphere.

Cloning from Github

Once you are signed in, navigate to the My Apps menu, and press the New App button. You can then click on Clone Repository, where you will be prompted to enter the Repository URL for the Repo you want to clone.

For GitHub, the URL for a repository can…

What’s new?


  • We added Github integration support
  • We added ESlint code assistance

✓ improved overall sign-up and sign-in process

In addition, our team is currently working on allowing users to sign in with third-party accounts like GitHub and Google to ensure that our users can get started with Codesphere as quickly as possible. We will be adding more frameworks and soon you will be able to connect your own domain and so much more. Stay tuned for future releases!

Happy Coding!

  1. What is Codesphere?

2. How can I use Codesphere?

We recently posted a video to help our users get started with Codesphere. Check it out:

Infrastructure management continues to be one…


NO CONFIG — just code, run and scale web apps in your browser. #justcode

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